Wymondley Woods Camp

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On Friday 14th January, a large handful of the scouts had a camp at Wymondley Woods. We took the train from Cambridge station at 7:00 pm and arrived at the camp site around 9:00pm and were quickly allocated rooms and settled for the evening.

We started Saturday with a selection of cereals and there was also the option of hot bacon butties cooked by the leaders and helpers. We were separated into small groups of about two patrols and had a rotation of pioneering, sweet making and music video making. The pioneering was a lot of fun and after a little bit of extra work in a scout session we all got our Pioneering Badge. We did two of these activities with a short break between them on Saturday morning, then had lunch which was a range of sandwich options and in the afternoon, set out on a hike in our groups. It was so much fun and everyone took turns reading the map. When we got back from our walk we had some free time where we talked and played games before dinner.

The leaders and helpers had cooked us a very tasty curry for dinner which we all really enjoyed. The evening was spent playing board games and cards games which got everyone involved and having a great time before bed.

On Sunday, we then had breakfast which once again had a selection of cereals and also a cooked breakfast of sausages, baked beans, hash browns and a few of the other usuals and packed up our bags. We then completed our final rotation of activities and had some more free time before going outside for a talk about camp whilst some of the other leaders kindly cleaned the place where we were staying. We then had another fall in before leaving to go back to the train station.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable camp and my first with this scout group after recently moving to this troop and i loved every second of it. Thank you very much to all the leaders and other helpers that made it such a great experience!

Written by: Isabelle

27thCambridge photo

One of the groups doing the pioneering