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Expedition Camp

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Firstly, we planned what we were going to do with our patrol at two meetings on Tuesday 26th April, and Tuesday 3rd March . We had to plan our food, timetable and activities. Scouts from each patrol went and bought their own food, which the leaders were transporting to the campsite. We were setting off at 9-9:30 on Saturday, and arriving back at 4:00 on Sunday afternoon.

One of the patrols from the 13th was joining us, and they set off at 9:00 with Falcon and Eagle. Wolf, Cobra and Kestrel (my patrol) set off at 9:30. We walked to the station and arrived at around 10:30. We took the first train available to us, and got off at Stevenage. After waiting for about 20 minutes, we got the train heading to Moorgate. We only needed to go 3 or 4 stops down the line, and we got off at Bayford. The walk to Danemead campsite usually took about an hour, but we took a wrong turn so it ended up being more like an hour and twenty minutes.

When we got to the campsite, we found a spot where there weren’t too many trees, and set up our tents. We had three two-man tents, and one hammock. After got our stuff into the tents, we started making our camp gadgets. Unfortunately, we were the last to arrive so there weren’t lots of pioneering poles left. We made a flagpole and put it in a hollowed out tree stump we had found. Josh volunteered to have his necker tied onto the top of the flagpole, so we did that. We then started making fajitas for dinner. They actually tasted very good.

After dinner, we did the washing up, and laid the plates on some pioneering sticks. At 9 o’clock, we had a campfire with the rest of the troop, and had marshmellows that we had toasted on the fire. We also sang campfire songs, then went to bed.

We woke up on the Sunday and made breakfast, which was bacon, sausages, eggs and baked beans. We then washed up again, after making our sandwiches for lunch. We went and met up with the rest of the troop again, and some scouts got invested. We then went and packed our bags up and our tents. At around 11:45 on Sunday, we left the campsite. We took the right route this time, and it was a lot quicker this time, although we had to make quite a few stops as members of the patrol were getting tired. We arrived at Bayford station, and got the same train as Falcon and Eagle. When we got to Stevenage, we switched trains again. When we got to Cambridge, we let the other patrols go ahead of us, and we went to the toilets. When we finally got back to Colville, Andrew (our leader) gave us all ice creams as it was a hot day.

Written by: Alex

The Forward Hike

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On a Grey, wet Saturday on the 5th March we were invited to come on an exciting hike with patrols from all around cambridge.

 We all arrived at the HQ prepared and ready to go along with other scouts in one of the forty patrols competing. We all got signed up , had our bags and our route checked, ready to go, everybody started at different positions going from their start point to the end in different orders.

Our patrol (Cobra) started and after a few navigational issues went towards point D, our first destination, on our way we approached a paddock, with a sign saying not to feed the animals, this allowed us to tick off one of our questions on our navigation sheet. We then followed a small path between two fences filled with puddles that caused our feet to get wet.

After a bit more walking we approached point D where we were told to split our patrol in half, we could not see each other but were given a bag of lego bricks and the other half of the patrol were given a lego model, we had to create the model only from their description.

After even more walking we ate lunch where we thought point C was. We looked for the point for quite a while before calling HQ who said to stop looking and try to find point B, here we were given a first aid exercise, practicing the recovery position. 

On our way back to HQ we found Point A, which was a traffic cone we had to stamp on our card. Eventually, we arrived at HQ where we were told we didn’t have time to finish. There we were also given a quiz, hot chocolate and hot dogs with doughnuts. We all took our muddy shoes off as well since they were so muddy and wet.

We all went home muddy, yet proud of our achievements and happy to go home.

Written By: Mark

Our mucky boots!

Trip to the Institute of Astronomy

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On the 22nd of February 2022, the Troop gathered at the Institute of Astronomy based in Madingley Rd, Cambridge CB3 0HA at 7 pm accompanied by the leaders. This Institute of Astronomy is the largest of the three astronomy departments in the University of Cambridge, and one of the largest astronomy sites in the UK. 

At first, our tour guide gave us a small introductory speech about the Institute of Astronomy. Then we spoke with our guide about space and our solar system. We touched on topics such as the ISS (International Space Station) of which he showed us a picture using a projector. This is where astronauts temporarily live when they go up into space to conduct research on astrobiology. He also explained facts about the solar system like how you can fit all the planets in the solar system between the Earth and the moon! 

Soon after the initial chat, we were shown a real meteorite, which all of us got the opportunity to hold. This was really exciting for all of us, as it was the first time most of us got the opportunity to hold a meteorite.

Next we moved to the observatory and we got to use the telescope, which was as big as a study table. We got in turns and looked through it to see things like the Orion sword nebula and a binary star which was in a different spiral arm of the Milky Way! We continued to stargaze for a while and chatted with troop members about what each one observed.

Sadly, it was now time to go back home, and we all made our way back to the entrance as a group.

I had a great time at the Institute of Astronomy, and I am sure the rest of the Troop did too. Just before we left we were also informed that starting in October the institute of astronomy will be having an open evening every Wednesday at 7:15 pm.

Written by: Kenula

Mystery in the Library

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On the 1st of February 2022 at the 27th Cambridge Scouts’ weekly meeting at Colville School we played a theft mystery game. Twelve Scouts dressed up as characters, each one was a suspect, although only one person committed the crime ! The other Scouts were investigators. The suspects and the investigators had to find out who had stolen an ancient manuscript from the library. The exciting thing was, not even the culprit knew they had committed the crime, so no-one could give anything away.

When we arrived we all listened to an introduction and each suspect read out a short paragraph about their character. We then had just forty minutes to mingle and ask questions of all the suspects.
Suspects were also allowed to ask questions not just the investigators. Many people thought it was one of the more obvious characters who had committed the crime, who were either hired to steal the manuscript, or needed it for their own purposes. After the forty minutes were up, we were asked to write down who we thought had done it, their motive and opportunity. We then listened to an explanation which revealed who has stolen the manuscript. In the end only one person guessed correctly !

I really enjoyed the evening, and so did the rest of the troop. I’m sure we would all love to do this again with a different story. Thank you to all the Leaders who organised the event.


Wymondley Woods Camp

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On Friday 14th January, a large handful of the scouts had a camp at Wymondley Woods. We took the train from Cambridge station at 7:00 pm and arrived at the camp site around 9:00pm and were quickly allocated rooms and settled for the evening.

We started Saturday with a selection of cereals and there was also the option of hot bacon butties cooked by the leaders and helpers. We were separated into small groups of about two patrols and had a rotation of pioneering, sweet making and music video making. The pioneering was a lot of fun and after a little bit of extra work in a scout session we all got our Pioneering Badge. We did two of these activities with a short break between them on Saturday morning, then had lunch which was a range of sandwich options and in the afternoon, set out on a hike in our groups. It was so much fun and everyone took turns reading the map. When we got back from our walk we had some free time where we talked and played games before dinner.

The leaders and helpers had cooked us a very tasty curry for dinner which we all really enjoyed. The evening was spent playing board games and cards games which got everyone involved and having a great time before bed.

On Sunday, we then had breakfast which once again had a selection of cereals and also a cooked breakfast of sausages, baked beans, hash browns and a few of the other usuals and packed up our bags. We then completed our final rotation of activities and had some more free time before going outside for a talk about camp whilst some of the other leaders kindly cleaned the place where we were staying. We then had another fall in before leaving to go back to the train station.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable camp and my first with this scout group after recently moving to this troop and i loved every second of it. Thank you very much to all the leaders and other helpers that made it such a great experience!

Written by: Isabelle

27thCambridge photo

One of the groups doing the pioneering



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During scouts you learn about lots of different activities and achieve a variety of badges. In the model maker activity badge, the scouts went to a Warhammer shop in central Cambridge, to participate in the Warhammer experience. Warhammer (formally Warhammer Fantasy Battle or just Warhammer Fantasy) is a miniature tabletop game with a medieval fantasy theme, which simulates battles between different armies. It was founded in 1975 in London and was proven to be quite popular. 

In the shop, it was very inviting and the first thing I noticed were the extreme amount of variety of models on shelves. Firstly, we all sat down to cut out our models out of their plastic holders and built them according to the instructions on the magazines we had. There were two models each, one blue and one gold and they were simple to construct. Once everyone had finished building their models, we jumped into the games. The scouts split into four, two groups on one table and the rest on another. As teams we got to choose our name and individually you could choose whether to use the gold or blue model. Personally, I chose the gold model because it looked cool and powerful. 

Finally, the games began!  As soon as we finished the games which were fun, we took our models home. The following week we painted them; I enjoyed this part a lot since I do a lot of painting in my free time. Warhammer is for all kinds of people like people who are creative, people who are interested in war games etc.… To paint your models you need a special type of paint and it looked good, while there is a large variety of colours to access. Once I had painted my model, I left it to dry and took it home. You can use these models again against friends, family or other Warhammer players and it was great fun!

Written by: Megan

Lego Stop-Motion Animations

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At the 27th Cambridge Scout Troop, we did an evening of stop-motion animation. It was a great activity as it helped us with our team building skills as we worked together to create a short video using Lego. The previous Scout meeting we had worked on the Scout laws, and decided which one we wanted to work on. When that was decided, we got to work. After a short, helpful video we all sat down and created our stop-motion videos. A lot of hard work was put into the videos, and a lot of pictures were taken. The next week we had twenty minutes of viewing the videos. There were so many good ideas put into them. They were mostly funny, with twists that made you laugh or think. They were all showing how to (or how not to) follow the Scout laws. All in all, it showed just how well we can work together to create good things.

Tips for stop-motion animations:

1) Keep the lighting the same. If there are shadows in one frame and then not in the next then it will look jumpy and bad.

2) Keep your camera in the same place, or the shots will be from all different angles and it won’t look smooth.

3) Don’t jump straight to shots with lots of characters. Stay focused on one character in each scene.

4) Tape your baseplate down. This will keep things in the same place and make sure they don’t move. This is also why it is good to use lego so the walls won’t move or fall down and you can put things at different angles

5) If you don’t enjoy working on the stop-motion then it isn’t going to turn out very well. Try to keep going and take a break if you need to.

6) Don’t get frustrated or bored and stop a scene halfway through. Keep going until you have finished, or improvise and stop the scene early with a dinosaur or two.

7) Write a script before you start. If you don’t know what is going to happen next then you can’t film it.

8) You can be as creative as you want. Use whatever Lego pieces you have to make it fun and interesting (or sad and serious if that’s what you’re going for). Who cares if you’re missing a piece! Fill it in with another piece from another set, or another box. Do whatever you want to do.

9)Spend time making the set look good. People are more likely to watch the interesting looking video. And finally;

10) Be happy with what you have made. Don’t try to be a perfectionist and keep it simple if you are realising it is too difficult.

Written by: Lucy

(Ed: The videos can be viewed on our Youtube channel)

Night Hike 2021

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On the Saturday 20th November, the 27th Scout troop traveled to Abington, to a small campsite, to prepare to set off on a 3-4 hour long night hike, with 4 Bases, with challenges, along the way.

After arriving, we quickly put up tents, so that we could sleep in them after finishing the Hike. We needed to do this quickly, as the sun was quickly going down. We unloaded all of our equipment, that we didn’t need, into our tents, and quickly got going! After around 30-45 minutes of walking, we arrived at the first base. Here, we had to taste four chocolates, blindfolded, and guess what they were. Personally I really enjoyed this. After another 30 minutes of navigating, and walking, we came across second base, where everyone’s Patrol Leader was quickly taken away, around 5 metres, and was given a torch. They were only allowed to communicate to the rest of the patrol, by shining the torch. We all had to guess an animal, that the PL was trying to describe. In the end we got the animal, which was a moose!

Half way inbetween second, and third base, there was a hot chocolate rest stop. We were all given hot chocolate, which was really relieving and warm! It was really cold, at this point! After the hot chocolate stop, was the third base, where we had to make a hammock. We had recently done this in Scouts. Most Patrols made the hammock correctly, but only one picked the right trees to put the hammock inbetween. At fourth base we were given four logs, all similar in weight, and we had to put the logs in correct order of heaviest, to lightest. We were given two ropes, and a long stick. This was really hard, especcialy as we had been walking for 3 hours, at this point. Camp was relatively close from fourth base, so there was a short walk, through Abington. After arriving, we had hot dogs, and then went to sleep.

Overall, the hike was a great experience, and I look forward to another hike! Thankyou Andrew, and everyone that helped!

Written by: Tom

Scouts Food Hub donations

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This Christmas, the 27th scouts have been involved in collecting donations for the Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub. They specifically needed donations of breakfast cereals and toiletries because they are expensive to buy and constantly in demand. 

The Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub was set up earlier this year in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and offers free food and supplies for any local households in need. In the autumn alone they had 646 visits, from over 100 different families and households of all sizes. Anybody is able to come along and receive items from them.

Despite the lack of face-to-face scouting, we were able to collect the following:

30 boxes of cereal 

4 bags of porridge oats

3 packs of cereal bars

2 bags of muesli 

7 tubes of toothpaste 

7 jars of jam

14 toothbrushes 

5 shower gels

We were able to drop these items off in time for the food hub on Saturday and even got a mention in their December newsletter!

For more details on how to donate or receive items from the Food Hub, see here: The Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub

Written by: Alex

Dropping off the donations at the Queen Edith’s Food Hub

Scouts Environmental Conservation Activity Badge

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The First week

In the first week we started of talking about food waste and what it is. Then we watched 2 videos on food waste and we talked about them. Next we looked at some facts about food waste and how it is a big concern to humans and animals. After that we thought of how we can prevent it from happening. This is a list of what we thought of:

  • Eat everything on plate
  • Buy only what you need
  • Remember what is in the fridge
  • Use the older food first
  • Use stale bread for toast
  • Make a banana cake/bread
  • Freeze leftovers and have later
  • Have leftovers for lunch
  • Feed it to pets
  • Compost/wormery
  • Put half your bread in fridge/freezer
  • Freeze meat
  • Use the whole chicken in many meals

Then we had to fill in the food waste diary until next week.

The Second Week

In the second week we first looked at our food waste diary and how we could improve on wasting less food. Then we watched a video on food miles. Then we talked about all the stuff that is wasted and time and energy is wasted. Then we had a think on what we were going to do on our own out of scouts and Andrew suggested some:

  • Make a leftover meal each week for a month
  • Find out about composting and create a compost heap
  • Use a food waste app to save food from being wasted
  • Continue the food waste diary and make household changes to reduce food waste

Then we made a poster.

It was very fun!

Activity out of scouts

I decide to make a wormery.

It was very hard.

We nearly broke 1 of the boxes!

Here is a picture of it:

Written by: Nico