Mystery in the Library

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On the 1st of February 2022 at the 27th Cambridge Scouts’ weekly meeting at Colville School we played a theft mystery game. Twelve Scouts dressed up as characters, each one was a suspect, although only one person committed the crime ! The other Scouts were investigators. The suspects and the investigators had to find out who had stolen an ancient manuscript from the library. The exciting thing was, not even the culprit knew they had committed the crime, so no-one could give anything away.

When we arrived we all listened to an introduction and each suspect read out a short paragraph about their character. We then had just forty minutes to mingle and ask questions of all the suspects.
Suspects were also allowed to ask questions not just the investigators. Many people thought it was one of the more obvious characters who had committed the crime, who were either hired to steal the manuscript, or needed it for their own purposes. After the forty minutes were up, we were asked to write down who we thought had done it, their motive and opportunity. We then listened to an explanation which revealed who has stolen the manuscript. In the end only one person guessed correctly !

I really enjoyed the evening, and so did the rest of the troop. I’m sure we would all love to do this again with a different story. Thank you to all the Leaders who organised the event.