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During scouts you learn about lots of different activities and achieve a variety of badges. In the model maker activity badge, the scouts went to a Warhammer shop in central Cambridge, to participate in the Warhammer experience. Warhammer (formally Warhammer Fantasy Battle or just Warhammer Fantasy) is a miniature tabletop game with a medieval fantasy theme, which simulates battles between different armies. It was founded in 1975 in London and was proven to be quite popular. 

In the shop, it was very inviting and the first thing I noticed were the extreme amount of variety of models on shelves. Firstly, we all sat down to cut out our models out of their plastic holders and built them according to the instructions on the magazines we had. There were two models each, one blue and one gold and they were simple to construct. Once everyone had finished building their models, we jumped into the games. The scouts split into four, two groups on one table and the rest on another. As teams we got to choose our name and individually you could choose whether to use the gold or blue model. Personally, I chose the gold model because it looked cool and powerful. 

Finally, the games began!  As soon as we finished the games which were fun, we took our models home. The following week we painted them; I enjoyed this part a lot since I do a lot of painting in my free time. Warhammer is for all kinds of people like people who are creative, people who are interested in war games etc.… To paint your models you need a special type of paint and it looked good, while there is a large variety of colours to access. Once I had painted my model, I left it to dry and took it home. You can use these models again against friends, family or other Warhammer players and it was great fun!

Written by: Megan