Joining Scouts

Thanks for your interest in joining the 27th Cambridge Scout Troop! The information on this page relates to the Scout Troop (ages 10½-14) only. For younger children, please see Beavers (age 6-8) and Cubs (age 8-10½).

Join the waiting list

Our Scout Troop is one of the biggest in the area and we are currently operating at full capacity. Please join our waiting list – when a space becomes available, one of the Scout leaders will contact you. The waiting list is operated in accordance with our admissions policy. Do contact other local Scout Troops to enquire whether they have any spaces – a full list can be found on the Cambridge District Scouts website.

The limiting factor in being able to provide more #SkillsForLife for local children is adult volunteers. We’d love to talk to you about volunteering with our Troop.

Try-out sessions

For children joining from our Cub pack or the waiting list, we offer two try-out sessions in the term before they start. Hopefully they will see how fun Scouts is and be confident to join after the school holidays.

Join the Troop

Hopefully after their try-out sessions your child will be keen to join fully. Scouts spend much of their time working in patrols, small groups of around 6-8 Scouts of different ages, which is a great way of learning skills and developing friendships. Your child will have joined a Patrol for the try-out sessions, and possibly join a different one when they join fully. In general we put close friends and siblings into different patrols, as we find the children are able to concentrate and engage with the activities better.

To gain the most from their time in Scouts, it is important that children commit to attending the evening meetings each week. It is also important for them take part in the camps and events when availability permits as these provide opportunities that we cannot offer in our weekly meetings.

Scouts is a uniformed organisation, and we are proud to wear our uniforms to show we are Scouts, keeping them smart and up to date with badges earned. The 27th Cambridge Scout uniform consists of a green shirt, red neckerchief and smart trousers and shoes. Shirts can be obtained online, but are only needed once a Scout is invested into the Troop towards the end of their first half-term with us (children coming up from Cubs continue to wear their Cub uniform until they are invested into Scouts). Any Scout not coming from our Cub pack will receive a neckerchief at their investiture.

Getting invested on top of a windmill!

Getting invested

Getting invested is the formal welcome of a Scout into the troop. It’s a short formal ceremony where the Scout makes their Scout Promise in front of the rest of the troop. We have investitures once a term, and try and do them in exciting places, for example we recently invested 5 Scouts on top of a windmill! A couple of weeks beforehand, new Scouts will be given a card containing the Scout Promise which they should learn, if possible. We will give out a woggle and all investiture badges.  If the new Scout has transferred from Cubs, the following badges should be moved to their new Scout uniform if they have them: Chief Scout’s silver, year stars, the highest staged badges they have (these are the light blue badges with purple edges). For example if they have 5 and 10 nights, only the 10 nights goes on to the uniform. All other Cub badges are not transferred – many Scouts have a camp blanket onto which such badges can be sewn. In Scouts we do not put unofficial/fun badges on the uniform (campsite badges, etc)  – again these can go on their camp blanket.