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This Christmas, the 27th scouts have been involved in collecting donations for the Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub. They specifically needed donations of breakfast cereals and toiletries because they are expensive to buy and constantly in demand. 

The Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub was set up earlier this year in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and offers free food and supplies for any local households in need. In the autumn alone they had 646 visits, from over 100 different families and households of all sizes. Anybody is able to come along and receive items from them.

Despite the lack of face-to-face scouting, we were able to collect the following:

30 boxes of cereal 

4 bags of porridge oats

3 packs of cereal bars

2 bags of muesli 

7 tubes of toothpaste 

7 jars of jam

14 toothbrushes 

5 shower gels

We were able to drop these items off in time for the food hub on Saturday and even got a mention in their December newsletter!

For more details on how to donate or receive items from the Food Hub, see here: The Queen Edith’s Community Food Hub

Written by: Alex

Dropping off the donations at the Queen Edith’s Food Hub