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The First week

In the first week we started of talking about food waste and what it is. Then we watched 2 videos on food waste and we talked about them. Next we looked at some facts about food waste and how it is a big concern to humans and animals. After that we thought of how we can prevent it from happening. This is a list of what we thought of:

  • Eat everything on plate
  • Buy only what you need
  • Remember what is in the fridge
  • Use the older food first
  • Use stale bread for toast
  • Make a banana cake/bread
  • Freeze leftovers and have later
  • Have leftovers for lunch
  • Feed it to pets
  • Compost/wormery
  • Put half your bread in fridge/freezer
  • Freeze meat
  • Use the whole chicken in many meals

Then we had to fill in the food waste diary until next week.

The Second Week

In the second week we first looked at our food waste diary and how we could improve on wasting less food. Then we watched a video on food miles. Then we talked about all the stuff that is wasted and time and energy is wasted. Then we had a think on what we were going to do on our own out of scouts and Andrew suggested some:

  • Make a leftover meal each week for a month
  • Find out about composting and create a compost heap
  • Use a food waste app to save food from being wasted
  • Continue the food waste diary and make household changes to reduce food waste

Then we made a poster.

It was very fun!

Activity out of scouts

I decide to make a wormery.

It was very hard.

We nearly broke 1 of the boxes!

Here is a picture of it:

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