Night Hike 2021

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On the Saturday 20th November, the 27th Scout troop traveled to Abington, to a small campsite, to prepare to set off on a 3-4 hour long night hike, with 4 Bases, with challenges, along the way.

After arriving, we quickly put up tents, so that we could sleep in them after finishing the Hike. We needed to do this quickly, as the sun was quickly going down. We unloaded all of our equipment, that we didn’t need, into our tents, and quickly got going! After around 30-45 minutes of walking, we arrived at the first base. Here, we had to taste four chocolates, blindfolded, and guess what they were. Personally I really enjoyed this. After another 30 minutes of navigating, and walking, we came across second base, where everyone’s Patrol Leader was quickly taken away, around 5 metres, and was given a torch. They were only allowed to communicate to the rest of the patrol, by shining the torch. We all had to guess an animal, that the PL was trying to describe. In the end we got the animal, which was a moose!

Half way inbetween second, and third base, there was a hot chocolate rest stop. We were all given hot chocolate, which was really relieving and warm! It was really cold, at this point! After the hot chocolate stop, was the third base, where we had to make a hammock. We had recently done this in Scouts. Most Patrols made the hammock correctly, but only one picked the right trees to put the hammock inbetween. At fourth base we were given four logs, all similar in weight, and we had to put the logs in correct order of heaviest, to lightest. We were given two ropes, and a long stick. This was really hard, especcialy as we had been walking for 3 hours, at this point. Camp was relatively close from fourth base, so there was a short walk, through Abington. After arriving, we had hot dogs, and then went to sleep.

Overall, the hike was a great experience, and I look forward to another hike! Thankyou Andrew, and everyone that helped!

Written by: Tom