Scout swimming

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Yesterday the Scout troop went swimming at Abbey Pool, to enable the Scouts to gain the next stage of their Swimmer badges. We had booked two lanes of the pool, so the the Scouts had plenty of space. 5 Scouts attempted Stage 5, 8 attempted Stage 4, 1 Stage 3 and 4 Stage 2. After being tested on all the skills, which ranged from timed swims to swimming with clothes to treading water to retrieving objects from the pool floor, 17 Scouts gained their badge which is fantastic. Some of the Scouts who gained Stage 5 will be in Scouts for a while yet, so next time we come swimming we’ll have to think about how they can gain their Swimmer Activity Plus badge (or maybe the Scout Association will have developed a Swimmer Stage 6 badge by then!). Thanks to Abbey Pool for hosting us and for the two parents who stayed to help.