Blood donation

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On Tuesday, Natalie from NHS Blood and Transplant came to visit the Scouts. We learnt some interesting facts about blood donation and how blood is used to treat patients with various diseases in hospital. Unfortunately, none of the Scouts are only enough to donate (you have to be 17) but fortunately their parents are old enough! So, a group of parents (and a leader) had arranged to donate together today at the Cambridge Donor Centre, which is on the Addenbrookes Hospital site, including a first-time donor and a couple of previous donors who hadn’t donated for a while. After health checks, we were led through into the donor suite, where there were already people there donating platelets (which takes a lot longer). Everyone’s donation went well, and we had a nice chat over refreshments. We even managed to send some “My Mum donated blood today” stickers home for the lucky sons and daughters!! One Scout who came along was able to watch the whole donation process and is hopefully inspired to donate when old enough, and many parents said that they will be encouraging their children to donate aged 17.

At the Donor Centre