Cromer camp

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On the 2nd of February the scouts went on a camp in Cromer. There was a short train journey up and then a 1km walk to the mill (we stayed in a converted mill). On the train journey I sat next to Rafi and we ate some broad beans, surprisingly they were really nice, we also played some card games with my – almost complete – deck. When we arrived we had hot chocolate and brownies that Ellis’ mum made and then we set up our beds and went to sleep.
The next day we had breakfast that Liam and Eddie made (bacon rolls) it was nice. We split into groups and then hiked 10km to the coast, i was in team cheesecake with Liam, Thomas and Josh – josh likes cheesecake. We were super fast so we got there first, it was really cold but some people got chips and they were nice, then we ate our lunch. We spent a while walking along the coast and drawing in the sand, we also went to the RNLI museum and that was pretty cool. Then we had fish and chips and went back to the mill, the journey back was a lot shorter than before. Then, like on all camps, we finished the day with a campfire.
On the last day we stayed at the mill because it was really cold and rainy. We did this thing were four people lie down on each others knees on chairs and then take the chairs away, eventually we did it with 12 people. Andrew taught us some sign language (towards one of our badges) then some people made up games and ran activities, Chris’ one was my favourite, it was like bulldog but blindfolded and you have to scooch on the floor. We all left separately to go to the train station – team cheesecake left 15 minutes after everyone but we still got there on time. On the train journey home, me, Rafi, Eddie and Thomas played card games and bet with Rafi’s beans. then we all went home. The end.

Written by: David