Rocket Launch

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At the rocket launch on July 3rd, everyone had made a rocket and we shot them into the sky!

Making the rockets

The rockets started out as a cardboard tube, a plastic cone, and other pieces. We had a Scouts session and a few weeks to complete the rockets. When complete, they had a streamer to act as a parachute, three to five fins and a unique paint job.


We launched our rockets in Netherhall field, as it is a big, open space, as Colville school wasn’t big enough for the Scout 1 test flight. Before launch, we put an engine into each of our rockets, attached an igniter to the engine and plugged it on the rocket. Next, we shoved recovery wadding beneath the streamer and put the cone on top. We slid the rockets down the pole on the launch pad, clipped the wires to the igniter and we were done. Then we held down the launch key, waited for the countdown, and pressed the button. We have launch!!!

The good and the bad

Some people had made brilliant rockets that went sky-high and landed with nearly no damage, but some people had rockets that went down without streamers, or didn’t go up at all. My rocket got jammed on the launch pad the first two times, and each time it burnt a hole through the pad, but I had a successful launch, as most people did.

Written by: Alex (Falcon Patrol)

Getting ready for launch