Expedition Camp – Eagle patrol

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At the recent expedition camp I went to I did a lot of things. My favourites were Cooking and Fire lighting. I will explain these in more detail as you read on.

How we got there

We had to walk from Colville school to Cambridge train station where we got a train to Brandon. Then we walked for a few miles to get to the campsite. Overall, it took around 3.5 hours to get to the campsite.


When we cooked our food we had to make sure the gas was on before we put the match over the top of the Bunsen burner and if the gas wasn’t on the match wouldn’t light it. Once, when we had our fire going on the burner one of us accidentally turned it off when they tried to turn it up but had twisted it the wrong way. We had sausages, carrots and beans for tea and for breakfast we had pancakes with nutella, honey and sugar (not all at the same time!). The food was really good.

Fire Lighting

We found it quite easy to start a fire but when we started trying to make it last for a long time it was very hard because we had to collect all the sticks to fuel the fire. Eventually, we kept the fire going for about 20 minutes until it went out. When we got it going again we realised that we had to keep it small so it wouldn’t become a bonfire.

My favourite activity overall was Fire Lighting. I also enjoyed navigating our way there because it was a challenge. I also really enjoyed playing Capture the Flag in the woods late at night; it was tremendously fun.

Written by: Finn (Eagle Patrol)

Cooking our food