Duck Race

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This year, our Scout Troop took over the running of the Cherry Hinton Duck Race, an annual community event held at the pond at Spring Head/Giant’s Grave. 200 ducks had been on sale throughout the village for children to decorate and bring along on the race day, with the duck decorating session at St Andrew’s Church the day before being particularly popular.

We had originally planned to have a cardboard duck race between patrols in large ducks, but unfortunately the pond is quite shallow and the floor too hard. We still made some large ducks and used them for transporting the small race ducks and for decoration.

Braving the cold water were 3 Scouts and 2 adults who set up the course (we decided to use lashed together pioneering poles) and ran the races. Four Scouts, for part of their Personal Challenge, had been challenged to prepare and run a duck-themed stall. These were really popular on the day and the Scouts involved did really well. Scouts also ran the registration and announcements and helped with setting up and clearing down the site, so very well done to everyone.

We hope everyone enjoyed the event and we look forward to next year’s.

Transporter duck

Decorated race ducks