PL and APL Camp, Wicken Fen

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On 25 March the patrol leaders (PLs) and Assistant Patrol Leaders went on a camp. We all started at Colville School with our bikes. (We were going to cycle to the camp site at Wicken Fen!) When we were ready we set off. When you do such a long cycle ride it is very exhausting. Two punctures later we arrived at the camp site. We left are bikes at the camp site and walked up to a nearby barn and got our stuff for the night.

Everybody had to do something which could happen on an ordinary patrol Tuesday evening!

There were activities like Morse code, cooking with Rafi and much more. My favourite one was semaphore (sending messages with flags). This was spread out before dinner and after dinner and one for Sunday. Rafi does a very good sausage casserole which we all had for dinner but for pudding there was vegan chocolate brownie which was really nice. Around the camp fire we played a game could 5 things. So it would be “Name or do five things”.

On Sunday we started off with breakfast prepared by Liam and Eddy.

After breakfast Thomas and I did a scouts own service. We asked the scouts to write prayers for the prayer book which gets read out at the end of scouts on Tuesdays. After the scouts own service we packed up our stuff and took it down to the nearby barn to be collected. Then we made sandwiches for lunch and once eaten we got on our bikes (the two bikes with the punctures were fixed which was lucky) with our day bags and with a quick photo with all of us with our bikes we set off.

Once back at Colville (with no punctures this time!) we enjoyed ice cream and ice lollies. The PL and APL camp was a great success.  Thank you to the adults who came along and made the camp possible.

Written by: Matthew