Community Action Day 14.04.18

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 On Saturday the 14th of April, the scouts went to st. Andrews church for the community action day. This involved the scouts helping to clean up the church yard along with other people from the community. When we arrived we were put into groups. Each group had a different job to do. The first task the girls did, was to clean all the toys they have, that young children and babies use. Another group started by going around and collecting any rubbish that was lying in the church grounds. One of the groups took things over to the shed while another started some of the weeding. At about 20 past 11, we had a snack break before we started on some more tasks. Another job was to map the ashes plots out, so the people who work at the church could put it into the computer who’s ashes were there. Some people were getting all the moss and weeds out of the wall. We were given a lovely lunch of hot dogs and cake! After the lunch break lots of people were weeding, while a few people learnt how to clean a toilet. Some people were washing one of the church walls. At the end we were all weeding, finishing weeding the walls or moving stones. By the end of the day the church yard looked much better than at the start.

Written by: Beth

Removing moss and weeds

Mapping the plots

Brushing moss off the walls