Bishop of Ely

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In March we were very fortunate to have the Bishop of Ely come and talk to us. We asked many questions that we had thought of at a previous scouting camp, and got just as many great and detailed answers.

We learnt about how things are run in the House of Lords and the importance of being a Bishop. The Bishop told us many inspiring stories about what he had done in the past, including meeting the Queen. He told us that when he first met her he was very nervous, but as he got to know her, he discovered that she was very kind, warm and down to earth.  He also mentioned that he had gone away with the Royal family for a weekend because every weekend the Royal family goes away and invites a different Bishop each time.

Our conversations about the house of Lords turned into a series of jokes, for example Ellis told a cow knock knock joke and mooed at the Bishop, leaving us all in hysterical fits of laughter.

We would like to thank Thomas ( PL of Eagle patrol )  for organising that wonderful evening and hope to have many more similar events in the future.

Written by: Keira and Sienna