District Night Hike Competition

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On 2nd December 2017 the 27th Cambridge Scouts took part in a District Night Hike Competition in Abington. We arrived at 3pm and set up our camp in the woods. Before the hike started we planned our route as the different patrols were competing against each other. Each patrol set off at a different time and mine started off in the dark. We took in turns to navigate using the OS map so we all got experience at reading it. On the way there were different bases which we had to find which had different challenges to complete at them such as making shelters, first aid, making fires and toasting marshmallows. We also make weighing scales out of wood. For each of the different challenges we were awarded points depending on how well we did. At the end of the hike the patrol with the most points won the hike and got a trophy. The hike was enjoyable but you had to wrap up warm and we got very muddy. At the end my shoes were caked in mud and needed a good scrubbing!
After completing the hike we went back to the camp and rested in the little huts and had hotdogs and hot chocolate which were very tasty. We then went to bed. My sleeping bag was particularly comfy!
In the morning we woke and had bacon rolls. We packed our things away and took our tents down. Finally we had the end ceremony where the winners were announced. The event was won by the 28th Cambridge Scouts. My patrol, Kestrel Patrol came 5th and the Falcons came 2nd overall. I had a really great time. Scouts is brilliant!

Written by: Miriam.A.R

Kestrel patrol just before setting off