Silver Fox District Night Hike Competition

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On Saturday the 2nd of December, about 20 scouts from 27th Cambridge gathered at Abington for the Silver Fox District Night Hike Competition. I am in the Falcon patrol and I was with Liam, Amun, and Matthew. We all set up out tents,and put our bags in them. The patrols were sent off at different times.

We left at 5:30pm and set off to base one. We took a turn too early, but soon realised and got to the road crossing without any major mishaps.At base one we had to put five logs in order from heaviest to lightest, and we were given a long pole, two pieces of string, and five logs. My group tied the two pieces of string to either side of the pole, and tied a log to each piece of string with a slip knot, we then balanced the pole on Amun’s arm and whichever side went down was the side with the heaviest log. After that then we walked to base two. It was quite complicated, but the bit that was the most scary was the sheep, whose eyes glowed in the dark, that we had to walk past. At base two, it was shelter making.We were given a tent with loops at the top,which we strung between two trees over a rope,and pinned down the guidelines. Next we walked to the road crossing, where a man helped us across the road.On the other side we were held back for 10 minutes, because the other group was too close in front of us. When we were allowed to leave, we walked through a grain store with towering silver containers, moaning and groaning as if they were alive(which freaked us out ).Then a long muddy walk to the next base. Base three was my favourite!!! We had to start a fire with flint and steel, and roast marshmallows, YUM. Then the long two kilometer (which probably turned into four kilometers) hike, on which we got terribly lost!!! It all started when an adult at the base told us that two of the lines on the map were fences,and therefore we had to take our first right, it turned out that they were wrong, because after we had gotten to our first right and walked down the path for about a hour (well it felt like it) we met another patrol coming back, and they told us that it was a dead end…… we walked back to the first path and carried on. When we got to the second path leading off to the right,we went down it, only to find another patrol coming back saying that it was the wrong way as well. We all wearily walked on (four patrols now)and came to the third right (luckily the correct one)we had walked on and left behind two of the patrols, so now it was us, the falcons, and the tigers.We all took the third right and arrived at the base shortly(and much to our relief, as it had started raining), and got on with our task : First Aid.One of the people had broken their collarbone and we had to put a sling on them. The other person had a spinal injury, and we weren’t supposed to move them at all.Then the final stretch……long, but not hard. We walked back with the tigers and soon arrived. We got back to the campsite third and ate our supper, hotdogs.

We went to bed at 11pm and were allowed out our tents at 7am. The members in my tent along with myself were Miriam and Esme. The tent wasn’t very spacious but we keep warm all together. The next morning we had bacon rolls for breakfast, and I had three! We packed up all of our things along with the tents and all got into a big troop circle for a prize giving. All the of patrols who had participated the previous evening were very anxious to see who had won the big trophy. They first announced the patrol who had done best in each base and then revealed the winners of the whole event. The winners were 28th Cambridge, with the falcon patrol {my patrol} in second place.
Even though we did not win, I am very proud of my patrol and what we achieved.

All in all I thought it was a rather successful evening and hope to see more events like this in the future.

Written by: Chiara