Navigation Practice

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On Sunday 19th November we out to Shepreth on the the train to have a practice for the Night Hike. We were in groups of about 5 scouts with an adult to walk around Shepreth. We practised navigation using a map and compass. We started at Shepreth Station, walking through fields and woods to the church in Harlton where we had our lunch. We continued on a shorter route back to Shepreth station. We walked for about 5 and a half hours, including lunch, and we walked nearly ten miles. I think this has prepared us well for the night hike and hope that we do well and don’t come last. Afterwards, my legs were really tired and I enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows at home, which is a real treat.

Written by: Esmé

In the morning


Walking through the woods

Setting off after lunch

At sunset

Waiting for the train home