Masterchef night 06/03/2018

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Two weeks ago, the 27th scout group spent a night in Coleridge Village College and from 5:00 – 7:00pm we were cooking delicious food that we tried to make as good for the environment as possible. We split into patrols and each made savoury and sweet foods per patrol. My patrol tried to make everything vegan, to make it better for the environment, we didn’t succeed and used milk, but most of it was vegan. Other patrols made other food such as a delicious artichoke and pesto pasta and a deconstructed crumble as a sweet dish.

Once the food was cooked, we set up a table to try and win the best looking table competition, we put tablecloths down, made a menu made out of recycled cardboard and put the food down. It looked amazing after it was all finished.

At about 7:30 the adults came in to try our exquisite dishes and vote for the best savoury dish, best sweet dish and best looking table. The adults voted with a slip of paper which they placed in the cup on the table they thought should win. The adults thoroughly enjoyed the meals and the scouts also ate a lot of food which we also thought was brilliant.

At 8:45, we washed up the dirty dishes before we made a troop circle and the leaders read the results and gave out a huge amount of badges; there were six investitures, three chief scout gold awards and many other badges given out as well.

After the eventful night, all the scouts and adults left with their bellies full and their expectations exceeded.

Written by: Rafi