TGI weekender!!

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Let’s start off with our introduction from Bear Grills; it all started with that first video that got us going on these fun activities. Here is a picture of a den that was built for our second activity. As you can see it wasn’t quite finished yet but just like the TGI weekender it ended up absolutely awesome

Den building 101

Then onto the amazing reaction rockets. This was a real challenge, at first, our rocket didn’t want to stand upright because the straws weren’t taped up correctly. This was soon fixed and then we were ready for the reaction. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get all the bicarbonate of Soda into the bottle quick enough so when we sealed it not enough pressure built up and it didn’t go anywhere! Then we added a lot more and it almost made it to Mars. NASA, are you listening? Check out these photos below!

Houston we have a problem
I’m flying in the air

The process of making one is hard so if you want to check out the TGI weekender website you can learn how to make one yourself.

After we completed the reaction rockets experiment, we moved onto a zoom call where we made matchstick crossbows, (I haven’t been able to complete mine yet). We also made chocolate tiffins, a hovercraft and more. Now that we had finished those fun filled activities it was time for dinner.

Wood you like this Matchstick crossbow

In the evening I had a great time singing camp fire songs (especially “I found a peanut”) – we could have won The Voice Kids! At the end of the day we were all super tired and some of us joined the bedtime stories zoom call where books like the jungle book were read. This was a fabulous camp and I would one hundred percent like to do this again. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Written by: Luke