Sailing days

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On the 27th of August 2020 we went to the ESSA Water Activities centre, near Broxbourne. To complete our stage 2 sailing qualifications. Most of us had been there in 2019, during our summer camp and completed our Stage 1. Five of the younger scouts came this year to do their stage 1 qualification, it was harder for them this year, as they had to go on their own straight away, we were able to go in pairs last year.

We didn’t camp this year, because of COVID restrictions, so we were driven from Cambridge each day. We were also kept in bubbles, with 5 scouts each and had to have our temperatures taken before we were allowed on the site.

On the first day we went over a lot of the things we had learnt last year. I could remember, about the dagger board and rudder and how to unfurl and attach the sail. We did lots of different activities, like trying to follow the instructors around the lake and collecting milk bottles that they had thrown out for us. We had to capsize our boats and then recover the boat, and ourselves!

I really enjoyed the sailing days, it was a fun thing to do, after months of lockdown. The weather wasn’t great this year, as we had very little wind and a lot of rain, but we still had a lot of fun and all completed our sailing qualifications.

Written by: Tavish