Maker Space at Barclays Eagle Labs

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Patrols Tiger, Cobra, and Falcon met at Maker Space on the 5th of February. We met a person who worked there, who then told us what we would be doing.

Firstly, he explained what rapid prototyping was – basically you build something and then test it – and that we would prototype a stamp. He showed us a 3D design Software called “123 design” and how to make 3D structures using it. We designed a handle for the stamp and also had a go to design something by ourselves. I designed a rocket. Then he showed us the 3D printer while it printed the handle, and the laser cutter making the rest of the stamp. The stamp had the Scout logo on it and then we put the handle onto the stamp and tested it using ink to stamp our “Certificates of Achievement”.

He then gave us keyrings he had cut out of a sheet of orange see-through plastic with the laser cutter and used the laser cutter to engrave our names and the Scout logo.

The week after, the other patrols visited Maker Space.

Written by: Jakob

The laser cutting machine