Cromer Winter Camp 2019

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On the 1st of February 2019 the Scouts met again at the train station in Cambridge to go on a trip to Roughton mill. We all arrived on time to get on the train to go to Norwich and then get a train to Cromer. We sat in 2 carriages and the girls had to have their own section!! So basically the leaders, boys and bags were all squished together. When we arrived at Cromer station we hiked 1km to the mill (we stayed in a converted Windmill by the way). When we arrived we had hot chocolate and brownies made by Ellis’s Mum. They were yummy and the hot chocolate was needed to warm us up!! Afterwards we spent our time relaxing and at 10 we went to sleep.
We woke up to the smell of sausages and after a cooked breakfast we were ready for an exciting day ahead. We split up into 3 groups, one did outdoor pioneering. We had to build 2 A-frames with different types of lashings. It could hold at least 3 small people, so we did a good job there!!! The second group were learning about communicating on the sea, Danielle taught us about the phonetic alphabet which corresponded with certain symbols, e.g. the Scottish flag representing mike. Here’s my name using the phonetic alphabet : echo lima lima India sierra. After this we made flags and we held them up to communicate to the other team. The Scottish flag means my vessel is stopped. My favourite was film making. We did a short film then edited it and we put sound effects over some parts. Our group was good because of the moral of what to do or what not to do regarding stranger danger.
In the afternoon we hiked to Cromer, we went to the RNLI boat museum, it was really interesting and we also had the opportunity to try out different types of Morse code. After that, we went to the pier and chilled there for a bit. I was crazy … I bought an ice-cream and my fingers froze from it. After that we hiked back to the Windmill. For dinner we had vegetable curry and for pudding we had cake with custard. It was delicious!!
The next morning after breakfast we finished off our activities. The weather was lovely and bright so we had our campfire during the day. We sat around the campfire reflecting on our fabulous weekend. We sang a lot of songs we also had marshmallows with hot chocolate. What a way to finish such a great camp!!! I can’t wait for next years winter camp.

Written by: Ellis

Pioneering at the mill

At the pier