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On Saturday 21st of October, the troop of 27th Cambridge was privileged to meet other scouts from all around the world and discover their unique ways of scouting. The event took place at Spinney school during the early evening, from 16:00-20:30 pm. Electronic devices were brought by the scouts themselves so that they could communicate with the many other scouts internationally.

The JOTA JOTI was very successful as there were many scouts that participated and many other scouts to talk to. There was a big screen in the centre of the room that was used for skyping scouts, but most of the conversations happened on a website called “Scoutlink”. Some of the cities/countries the scouts we spoke to were from: Indonesia, Norway, Australia, South Africa, Scotland, America etc. The scouts from South Africa liked hiking and drinking sprite, the scouts from Scotland liked being outdoors and the scouts from America liked having camp fires.

All of the different troops had a special code called a JID. These were collected by the scouts in 27th Cambridge as well as the other scouts that were spoken to. We were asked many questions about our way of scouting as well as us finding out about them and their culture. We had delicious pizza for dinner while we all enjoyed telling each other about the conversation that we had with the other scouts. As we said, we spoke to scouts from South Africa and had a bit of a hard time understanding what they were saying as they had a very strong South African accent, luckily we were from S.A. And could help the scouts of 27th Cambridge understand what they were saying.

We would like to thank all of the scouters and parents that made this event possible, we all had a great time and know that the scouts enjoyed this pleasant evening .We hope to have another event like this in the future.

Written by: Keira and Sienna.