Curry cooking competition

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On Tuesday the 10th of October, the 27th Cambridge scout group hosted a curry cooking competition, where the patrols were judged on who could make the best vegetable pilau rice and boondi raita, following the recipe that they had been shown the previous week. They were given basic ingredients such as rice, yogurt, boondi, and oil along with spices such as garum masala, garlic, ginger and chilli powder. They brought along their own selection of vegetables that they were going to put in, e.g: carrots. The challenge was that they were cooking on gas stove with only one pan, and therefore had to plan out how they were going to get everything cooked in and hour (with a five minute time extension!) and the pressure got to some of the patrols, resulting in the kestrels dropping their rice on the floor, (but they still managed to serve up a nice dish).

The results were some very tasty dishes to eat, with a few exceptions, (wolf patrol who burnt their rice so it tasted of ashes!). The results were that Falcon patrol had the best rice and Tiger patrol had the best boondi raita. Overall the night was a success and everyone enjoyed tasting everyone else’s dishes afterwards.

Written by: Amun

Everyone’s dishes!