The Forward Hike

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On a Grey, wet Saturday on the 5th March we were invited to come on an exciting hike with patrols from all around cambridge.

 We all arrived at the HQ prepared and ready to go along with other scouts in one of the forty patrols competing. We all got signed up , had our bags and our route checked, ready to go, everybody started at different positions going from their start point to the end in different orders.

Our patrol (Cobra) started and after a few navigational issues went towards point D, our first destination, on our way we approached a paddock, with a sign saying not to feed the animals, this allowed us to tick off one of our questions on our navigation sheet. We then followed a small path between two fences filled with puddles that caused our feet to get wet.

After a bit more walking we approached point D where we were told to split our patrol in half, we could not see each other but were given a bag of lego bricks and the other half of the patrol were given a lego model, we had to create the model only from their description.

After even more walking we ate lunch where we thought point C was. We looked for the point for quite a while before calling HQ who said to stop looking and try to find point B, here we were given a first aid exercise, practicing the recovery position. 

On our way back to HQ we found Point A, which was a traffic cone we had to stamp on our card. Eventually, we arrived at HQ where we were told we didn’t have time to finish. There we were also given a quiz, hot chocolate and hot dogs with doughnuts. We all took our muddy shoes off as well since they were so muddy and wet.

We all went home muddy, yet proud of our achievements and happy to go home.

Written By: Mark

Our mucky boots!