Night Hike 2018

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Last year our troop (27th Scouts) went to the Silver Fox Night Hike competition. The event took place on Holt Island, St Ives from the 8th-9th December 2018.

Once everybody had arrived we started setting up our tents, although some people found it difficult everybody managed. After some time, the starting times were announced, every patrol had to go to the starting/ending point which was a small building near the river. All patrols had to come half an hour before their starting times to work out the way points and supply themselves with some hand warmers.

There were six way points we had to reach and on each way point there was an activity e.g. pioneering, water purification and so on. The aproximate length we were walking was 10km and as for the time about 3hours. When we finally got back we had hot dogs and hot chocolate most of us fell asleep soon after we got into our tents.

The Night Hike was a very fun, intruiging and challenging experience for all of us! I would like to go again soon!
Finally, we need to thank all the adults for volunteering to accompany us to the competition. I think all of us appreciate your commitment!

Written by: Misha