Cherry Hinton Monopoly

Can you visit all the squares in 2 hours? Compete with your family at any time throughout December 2020.


Register your team – make sure you remember your team name as you’ll need it later on to log your squares.

As a family, visit as many “squares” on the board as possible. The family must stay together – no splitting up.

You may choose your start/finish location but it must be the same place, probably your house if in Cherry Hinton. Take a picture of your phone or watch as you set off and return, ensuring that it shows where you are as well.

At each square, take a photo of your family that also contains the name of the square, for example in front of the church noticeboard or the street sign. The photo must contain you and the square name or be obvious you are at that location. Anything that is not clear that you are at the location will be disallowed.

Time limit is 2 hours.

There is one mandatory square (St Andrew’s Cherry Hinton). All teams must visit this square at some point so that the competition is fair.

Children are the responsibility of their parents at all times and should be accompanied. Competitors should follow social distancing rules at all times.

Teams must only travel by foot.

Photos should be uploaded on this form by 23:59 on 1st January please. Please don’t email them! Please upload one photo for each square (you’ll need to submit the form multiple times – once for each square you have visited).

Results will be published on this page. All photos will be deleted after the event.


Visiting all squares of the same colour: 100 points

Visiting all squares on the board: 1000 points (quite tricky!)

Every minute late returning: minus 20 points

Please tweet any photos of you taking part and tag @27thCambridge

Colour Square Points
   St Andrew’s Cherry Hinton60
   Cherry Hinton Baptist Church60
   Arran Close100
   Pen Close100
   Primrose Close120
   Conway Close140
   Crowthorne Close140
   Rickard Close160
   Violet Close180
   Harebell Close180
   Coltsfoot Close200
   Burnham Close220
   Broxbourne Close220
   Roedeer Close240
   Mandrill Close260
   Dolphin Close260
   Fennec Close280
   Kelvin Close300
   Derwent Close300
   Bullen Close320
   Gunhild Close350
   Godwin Close400
   Colville School200
   Bewick Bridge School200
   Spinney School200
   Queen Emma School200