About the role – Parent Representative

Executive Committee members contribute to the running of the Group, by providing administrative support, strategic direction, compliance with relevant legislation and completion of the duties set out in The Scout Association’s policies, organisation and rules.  

This is not a full-time commitment, but you will need to attend around six Executive Committee meetings every year.


 Appointment requirements: Must successfully complete the appointment process (including acceptable personal enquiries and acceptance of The Scout Association’s policies).
Training Requirements: Must complete Module 1 within 5 months of full appointment.

The responsibilities of the Parent representatives include:

  • Delivery of a balanced programme to the different sections in the group (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts)
  • To be a full and active participant in Executive Committee meetings and activities
  • To uphold the responsibilities of an Executive Committee as outlined in The Scout Association’s Policy Organisation and Rules
  • Willingness and eligibility to act as a Charity Trustee for the Group
  • Contribute to the strategic aims and future development of the Group, District or County/Area/Region. An understanding of their own role, and the role of others on the Executive Committee
  • A commitment to understanding and forming opinions on the key discussion points and responsibilities of the Executive Committee
  • Willingness to complete various tasks which support the work of the Executive Committee and the aims of the Group, District or County/Area/Region