Cubs get up to loads of different things, and you can earn badges for many of them. You can also earn badges through your hobbies and interests. This page shows the badges that you can earn as a Cub.

If you’re not sure where the badges go, click the link to see where badges go on a cub uniform.

Activity Badges

Air Activities badge
Animal Carer badge
Artist badge
Astronomer badge
Athlete badge
Athlete Plus badge
Book Reader badge
Camper badge
Chef badge
Collector badge
Communicator badge
Cyclist badge
DIY badge
Entertainer badge
Equestrian badge
Global Conservation badge
Hobbies badge
Home Help badge
Home Safety badge
Local Knowledge badge
Map Reader badge
Martial Arts badge
My Faith badge
Naturalist badge
Navigator badge
Personal Safety badge
Physical Recreation badge
Road Safety badge
Scientist badge
Skater badge
Sports Enthusiast badge
Water Activities badge
World Faiths badge



Staged Activity Badges

Emergency Aid badge
Hikes Away badge
Musician badge
Nights Away badge
Swimmer badge
Air Activities badge
Community Impact badge
Digital Citizen badge
Digital Maker badge
Nautical Skills badge
Navigator badge
Paddle Sports badge
Sailing badge
Time On The Water badge



Challenge Badges

Our Adventure Challenge badge
Our Outdoors Challenge badge
Our Skills Challenge badge
World Challenge badge
Our Teamwork Challenge badge
Our Team Leader Challenge badge