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Cambridge Three Peaks Challenge

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Cambridge Three Peaks Challenge was a Cambridge District event. It was a sponsored walk to raise money for scouting.

This challenge was 15 miles (though it may have been 16), and started around 10:15, for the 27th scouting group. Starting at Babraham Park and Ride the 27th group included about 16 27th scouts, 2 other scouts and a cub! It was sunny and warm, we needed suncream. Preparing to go, we held the 27th’s flag and set off heading for the first peak. After a while, we entered Wandlebury and split up, with a faster group in front. At the trig point, we took a photo and worked out where to go next.

On the way to Wandlebury
Wandlebury trig point

Starting again, we went back to Babraham Park and Ride, passing another scout group eating lunch. We carried on towards Castle Hill, the next peak. Walking to the bus way, we stopped at a playground to have a quick lunch (around 10 minutes), and then carried on to the bus way and later Trumpington. At Trumpington, some people had a quick toilet break and then caught up again. Eventually, we arrived in Grantchester and the leaders talked about ice cream! Andrew(our leader) then went to buy ice cream in Newnham. When we met up, we had ice cream but were told to “Eat as we walked”.When we finally arrived at Castle Hill, we ate, renewed our promises and met up with lots of scouts, cubs and beavers (though some people had left, as we were the last to start, so, the last to get there). We then set off for the last peak.

The last peak was a viewpoint in Coton country park. After Castle Hill most of us were tired so it was difficult to understand where we went. However, we did go over the M11 and through fields and woods. When we eventually reached the car park before the last peak, we had the option of stopping but most of us carried on. Going up the hill, some of us ran, while others walked. At the top, we received a medal and took a picture, we then climbed back down, where we went home, possibly with hot dogs and other refreshments. We were tired, but we had finished.

Written by : Rhoda

Lockdown Monopoly-run/Camp 2020

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This camp was completely different from others. Firstly, this camp took place during the whole COVID crisis and it was really strange to communicate and sing campfire songs over zoom! The Monopoly activity was a great experience (mainly because our team won) and included an enormous cycle tour for me and my brother (he said we cycled roughly 40km)! We had time in the previous meeting to plan the route and add up the predicted scores. We did see 1 or 2 other scouts during the cycle!

The zoom meeting at the end of the day was great fun because of the activities our team leaders had planned, we did some coding on python to create images/patterns. The campfire songs turned out to be quite chaotic because of the delay on zoom. But we still had fun with the meeting, kahoot and Pictionary!

Altogether, the camp was great. The sun was shining and it was boiling after lunch!

Written by: Lukas