With all of the different activities a Beaver can do, it’s difficult to keep track of what you have and haven’t done. To help you, you’ll earn badges as you take part in different activities or learn new things. This page shows the badges that you can earn as you do different things.

If you’re not sure where the badges go, click the link to see where badges go on a beaver uniform.

Activity Badges

Safety badge
Imagination badge
Hobbies badge
Healthy Eating badge
Health & Fitness badge
Faith badge
Explore badge
Experiment badge
Creative badge
Animal Friends badge
Air Activities badge
Adventure badge



Staged Activity Badges

Emergency Aid badge
Hikes Away badge
IT badge
Musician badge
Nights Away badge
Swimmer badge



Challenge Badges

Creative Challenge badge
Fitness Challenge badge
Friendship Challenge badge
Global Challenge badge
Outdoor Challenge badge
Promise Challenge badge