This page gives information about all of the badges that a Scout can earn. If you’re not sure where the badges go, click the link to see where badges go on a scout uniform.

Through their time in the troop, Scouts will work towards their Chief Scout’s Gold Award. This is the highest award in the Scout section, and is earned by completing all nine Challenge awards plus six activity badges.

Activity Badges

Administrator badge

Advanced Aviation Skills badge
Advanced Nautical Skills badge
Aeronautics badge
Air Researcher badge
Air Spotter badge
Angler badge
Art Enthusiast badge
Astronautics badge
Astronomer badge
Athlete badge
Aviation Skills badge
Basic Aviation Skills badge
Basic Nautical Skills badge
Camp Cook badge
Camper badge
Campsite Service badge
Canoeist badge
Caver badge
Chef badge
Circus Skills badge
Climber badge
Communicator badge
Craft badge
Cyclist badge
Dinghy Sailor badge
DIY badge
Dragon Boating badge
Electronics badge
Entertainer badge
Equestrian badge
Fire Safety badge
Forester badge
Global Conservation badge
Guide badge
Heritage badge
Hiker badge
Hillwalker badge
Hobbies badge
Interpreter badge
Librarian badge
Lifesaver badge
Martial Arts badge
Master At Arms badge
Mechanic badge
Meterorologist badge
Model Maker badge
My Faith badge
Naturalist badge
Nautical Skills badge
Navigator badge
Orienteer badge
Parascending badge
Photographer badge
Physical Recreation badge
Pioneer badge
Power Coxwain badge
Public Relations badge
Pulling badge
Quartermaster badge
Smallholder badge
Snow Sports badge
Sports Enthusiast badge
Street Sports badge
Survival Skills badge
Water Sports badge
World Faiths badge
Writer badge

Staged Activity Badges

Emergency Aid badge
Hikes Away badge
Musician badge
Nights Away badge
Swimmer badge
Air Activities badge
Community Impact badge
Digital Citizen badge
Digital Maker badge
Nautical Skills badge
Navigator badge
Paddle Sports badge
Sailing badge
Time On The Water badge

Challenge Badges

Adventure Challenge badge
Creative Challenge badge
Expedition Challenge badge
Outdoor Challenge badge
Personal Challenge badge
Skills Challenge badge
Teamwork Challenge badge
Team Leader Challenge badge
World Challenge badge