Cubs Activity Programme

Cubs get up to all kinds of fun things.

Here are some of the things that we’ll be doing soon:

04/04/2021Knotty games, International factfinder
14/04/2021Games night
28/04/2021Working with Knives
05/05/2021Painting night
12/05/2021Flint and steel eveningDiscuss fire safety Discuss First Aid for burns Show various flint and steels Take them outside and get them to light the tinder balls
19/05/2021Fire lighting 2
26/05/2021Pioneering with pingpong balls
09/06/2021Fire lighting 3
16/06/2021Father's Day Activity
23/06/2021Burwell Evening
30/06/2021Jarmen Centre
07/07/2021Water games
14/07/2021Stroll and a splash