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27th Cambridge take over parkrun

With a few of our Scouts and leaders being regular parkrunners, it seemed a great opportunity to introduce the other Scouts and parents to parkrun. We agreed a day when our troop would “take over” the event at Coldham’s Common – this would mean we filled most of the volunteering slots as well as taking part in the run.

parkrun is a weekly timed run, taking place a thousands of locations worldwide on a Saturday morning. Encouraging fitness, fun, volunteering and community, it is a fantastic fit with Scouting. Anyway, after a slow start to signing up, we ended up with 26 volunteers and about 15 runners promising to come to the event.

On the morning of the event it was an early start: 8:30am. Luckily everyone arrived and were briefed on their roles. The marshalls set off to their positions and then it was the turn of Owen, one of our Scouts, to brief all the first-time runners on what to expect. Micah, another of our Scouts, was the (shadow) run director and briefed everyone on the course conditions before starting the clock.

It was great to have our Scouts out as marshalls – they did a really good job of encouraging all the runners. The finish funnel was also expertly managed by Scouts George, Esmé and Sienna.

Running 5km is always a good excuse for a treat and many Scouts and parents had baked yummy cakes which we were selling to raise money for Jimmy’s Cambridge.

Micah also wrote the run report which can be read here, and Finn and Otis have committed to running and volunteering at parkrun over the summer towards their Personal Challenge badge. All in all, a fantastic morning and we look forward to doing something similar next year.

Owen briefing the first-times

Group environmental project and AGM day.

on the 7th of july the 27th scout group did an environmental project day in which there was 3 different activities.

1. A litter-picking session,

2. a church clean up and hedgehog home making session and

3. A garden makeover.

I was part of the garden makeover.

Before makeover, the whole garden, a bush

When we saw that we were meant to level this, i’m sure a few of us felt a little disheartened. But does that stop the 27th scouts? No it doesn’t. So we set of on the 2 hour makeover and sure enough, we started to make good progress. Discovering a part of the garden that had probably not seen sunlight for the better part of 3 years was interesting as there was a long forgotten water butt and a packet of unopened magic stars that were long out of date. Also, we had a little competition, Who can find the weirdest thing? Ranking 1st came a bird table which had been swallowed up by the bush. Ranking 2nd was a thermal jacket.

After about an hour we had finished a little more than half the garden and we were feeling proud. And for some reason, we were asked to keep the bush at the back of the garden. So we decided to keep it in style, we gave it a bowl cut (no bowls used). Soon we found that our Madingley Mulch cutting bags were full, so we did what was necessary and jumped on them. At the end of the session it was impossible to recognise the garden as it was before and we were ready for the AGM (annual group meeting) barbecue.

After the garden makeover:

Written by: Gabriel

On the weekend of 8 & 9 of June the 27th Scout troop went on an expedition camp to Danemead campsite near Broxbourne. In preparation each patrol were given a budget to buy their own food and arrange their own travel to the campsite. All patrols decided to take the train to Broxbourne station and walk the rest of the way.

When we arrived on site we first had to put up camp, for us that was the hammocks but other patrols had to set up tents.

Then it was time for dinner, but first we had to cook the food on the stoves, some of which did not work so some patrols had to cook on the open fire instead.

After dinner we all enjoyed the big camp fire with songs and games for entertainment.

After a good night s sleep it was time to make our breakfasts and lunch and then pack away the camp before the walk and train journey back to Cambridge.

Overall it was a very good camp and everyone had a great time.

Written by: Charlie

Change of plans

On Sunday 12th May the 27th Scouts met up at the train station  meaning to go to Ashwell&Morden  but annoyingly the trains were cancelled so the leaders had to look at the map and decide were to go. Once they had decided where to go we split into groups (we got to decide who we were with). When it was our turn we set off. We all took turns reading the map. We went through Grantchester then Barton then Coton. When we got to our lunch point we had a break and had lunch which was around 30 minutes then all of the groups set off again. We were last but that turned out to be a good thing because we had to go through a rifle range and they were shooting so the other groups had to go back but we didn’t so we were then in 1st place.  When we were outside the rifle range they weren’t shooting so we went round the long way for nothing. We went through fields and fields and fields then somehow we were in the city center. We were all really tired so we took a bus back to the train station.

Written by: Jacob

Annual MasterChef Evening

On Tuesday 30th April we had a MasterChef evening. Each patrol picked a celebrity and cooked food to do with their chosen celebrity. There were celebrities like Bear Grylls, Steve Jobs, Jamie Oliver, Beyoncé, Elon Musk and Gino D’Acampo.

The guests got to vote on the best savoury dish, the best sweet dish and the best table wow factor. The guests were made up of parents, scout leaders from other troops and some former scouts. We had two hours to prepare everything! Falcon patrol won best savoury dish with burritos, Mexican rice, salsa and guacamole. Cobra won the best sweet dish with tiramisu. Their table also won the best table wow factor. Other dishes included apple themed food on the  Steve Jobs table, halloumi fries on the Jamie Oliver table, tomato soup on the Elon Musk table, vegan cheesy garlic bread on the Gino D’Acampo table and buffalo worm brownies on the Bear Grylls table.

Whilst the guests went round trying food there was a slide show of pictures showing events from the last year of scouts.

We worked hard and it was a fun evening. The guests also enjoyed the delicious food.

Written by: Kirsten


PL/APL Camp 2019

The PL and APL Camp is an annual camp where the leaders of the patrols go to practice scouts skills for themselves without having to watch their groups. Camp lasted from Saturday 30th March to Sunday 31st March and this year we cycled to a remote campsite in between Wicken Fen and Anglesey Abbey with platforms to sleep on. I enjoyed the camp with it’s scouting activities such as estimating distances and the height of trees. The PL/APL’s led the activities and helped to cook meals under the supervision of the troop leaders. I like this camp because it gave me the opportunity to practice my skills in a small group of scouts at the same age as me.

Written by: Tomas, PL Eagle

Forward Hike 2019

This Saturday, 9th of March, the 27th Cambridge Scout troop headed to Linton Village Hall, to take part in a hike.

There were 42 teams at the event in all, and there were eight points to get through (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,HQ). We all started from different points at different times, with an interval of ten minutes between teams. At B,D and F there were activities, at the others was an unmanned cone where you had to pierce the mark sheet. For Base B you had to complete a logic puzzle in which you had to move a stack of rings but could not place a bigger ring on top of a smaller one. Base D was another logic puzzle, where you must retrieve ducks which are out of reach, and you are given equipment such as a baseball, two small lighter balls, a pair of oven gloves, three pieces of rope, a water gun and a spade. At Base F we had to deal with a first aid situation, one conscious and panicking, the other which needed CPR, and we also practised using a defibrillator on a dummy. The weather was changeable, it was sunny, then windy, then back again, and for a brief period it rained, but then cleared up once more. The hike was very well organised, with a method for helping a team if they got lost, and if a team did not reach a manned base for two hours they had to be called, with HQ being the Village Hall.

Maker Space at Barclays Eagle Labs

Patrols Tiger, Cobra, and Falcon met at Maker Space on the 5th of February. We met a person who worked there, who then told us what we would be doing.

Firstly, he explained what rapid prototyping was – basically you build something and then test it – and that we would prototype a stamp. He showed us a 3D design Software called “123 design” and how to make 3D structures using it. We designed a handle for the stamp and also had a go to design something by ourselves. I designed a rocket. Then he showed us the 3D printer while it printed the handle, and the laser cutter making the rest of the stamp. The stamp had the Scout logo on it and then we put the handle onto the stamp and tested it using ink to stamp our “Certificates of Achievement”.

He then gave us keyrings he had cut out of a sheet of orange see-through plastic with the laser cutter and used the laser cutter to engrave our names and the Scout logo.

The week after, the other patrols visited Maker Space.

Written by: Jakob

The laser cutting machine

Cromer Winter Camp 2019

On the 1st of February 2019 the Scouts met again at the train station in Cambridge to go on a trip to Roughton mill. We all arrived on time to get on the train to go to Norwich and then get a train to Cromer. We sat in 2 carriages and the girls had to have their own section!! So basically the leaders, boys and bags were all squished together. When we arrived at Cromer station we hiked 1km to the mill (we stayed in a converted Windmill by the way). When we arrived we had hot chocolate and brownies made by Ellis’s Mum. They were yummy and the hot chocolate was needed to warm us up!! Afterwards we spent our time relaxing and at 10 we went to sleep.
We woke up to the smell of sausages and after a cooked breakfast we were ready for an exciting day ahead. We split up into 3 groups, one did outdoor pioneering. We had to build 2 A-frames with different types of lashings. It could hold at least 3 small people, so we did a good job there!!! The second group were learning about communicating on the sea, Danielle taught us about the phonetic alphabet which corresponded with certain symbols, e.g. the Scottish flag representing mike. Here’s my name using the phonetic alphabet : echo lima lima India sierra. After this we made flags and we held them up to communicate to the other team. The Scottish flag means my vessel is stopped. My favourite was film making. We did a short film then edited it and we put sound effects over some parts. Our group was good because of the moral of what to do or what not to do regarding stranger danger.
In the afternoon we hiked to Cromer, we went to the RNLI boat museum, it was really interesting and we also had the opportunity to try out different types of Morse code. After that, we went to the pier and chilled there for a bit. I was crazy … I bought an ice-cream and my fingers froze from it. After that we hiked back to the Windmill. For dinner we had vegetable curry and for pudding we had cake with custard. It was delicious!!
The next morning after breakfast we finished off our activities. The weather was lovely and bright so we had our campfire during the day. We sat around the campfire reflecting on our fabulous weekend. We sang a lot of songs we also had marshmallows with hot chocolate. What a way to finish such a great camp!!! I can’t wait for next years winter camp.

Written by: Ellis

Pioneering at the mill

At the pier


Silver Fox Night Hike competition

On December the 8th, 5 teams from the 27th scouts entered the Silver Fox night hike competition. It was held at Holt Island in St Ives. Before setting off, we pitched our tents and ate our tea. There were 3 other troops, 2 of them camped and 1 of them went home after the hike. Each team had to report to base half an hour before their starting time to gain grid references and phone numbers. The route took us out to Fenstanton before coming back to St Ives through the Fen Drayton lakes.

Along the journey, there were 4 bases that each team had to pass by. Each base had a different challenge. The challenges were, First Aid, Pioneering, Filters and making cups of tea!  The stations were marked with grid references on the map. Each team was marked at the bases on their teamwork and their skills. This along with the overall time made up the standings.

Once back, we were treated to hot dogs and hot chocolate. Everyone was very tired and keen to go to sleep. We retreated to the tents and fell asleep straight away. In the morning, the leaders cooked up bacon baps  for breakfast. Each team was keen to know the results. After packing up the tents, Andrew and Richard gave us the results. We found out that: Falcon-Tiger had jointly won with a team from the 28th! They were awarded the shield and everyone went home happy!

Written by: Ollie