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Masterchef night 06/03/2018

Scouts Blog : March 17, 2018 : Scouts

Two weeks ago, the 27th scout group spent a night in Coleridge Village College and from 5:00 – 7:00pm we were cooking delicious food that we tried to make as good for the environment as possible. We split into patrols and each made savoury and sweet foods per patrol. My patrol tried to make everything vegan, to make it better for the environment, we didn’t succeed and used milk, but most of it was vegan. Other patrols made other food such as a delicious artichoke and pesto pasta and a deconstructed crumble as a sweet dish.

Once the food was cooked, we set up a table to try and win the best looking table competition, we put tablecloths down, made a menu made out of recycled cardboard and put the food down. It looked amazing after it was all finished.

At about 7:30 the adults came in to try our exquisite dishes and vote for the best savoury dish, best sweet dish and best looking table. The adults voted with a slip of paper which they placed in the cup on the table they thought should win. The adults thoroughly enjoyed the meals and the scouts also ate a lot of food which we also thought was brilliant.

At 8:45, we washed up the dirty dishes before we made a troop circle and the leaders read the results and gave out a huge amount of badges; there were six investitures, three chief scout gold awards and many other badges given out as well.

After the eventful night, all the scouts and adults left with their bellies full and their expectations exceeded.

Written by: Rafi



District Quiz Night

Scouts Blog : February 25, 2018 : Scouts

On the 23rd of February the Falcon patrol went to a district quiz night at the 29th Cambridge Scout hut. There were 8 other groups doing the quiz; there were ten rounds (8 normal rounds, a picture round and a skills round). There was a joker that could be played at the start of a round and would give the team double points for that round, but it could only be played once. In the first two rounds the groups seemed quite even in points, but in the third round the topic was cricket, since Liam knew a lot about cricket our group played our joker, which was a good move because Liam  got all of the questions right.

In round 4 the leaders gave our groups two sheets each, one with logos (which included the house of parliament, Citroen, KFC logos and two more) and the other with trees. At the end of round five the leaders counted up the scores and read out the scores. Our group was leading by 8 or 9 points and around 14 or 15 points off last. After everyone knew the scores we had a snack break where they served us chocolate/regular rolls and crisps.

The knot identification round

After around 15/20 minutes we resumed the quiz. In rounds 6-8 we did alright but not the best. In round 9, the skill round, we were asked to tie 3 knots (a clove hitch, a bowline and a reef knot) and were asked to say the names of two knots that we were showed (granny knot and zeppelin). In round 10 we did quite badly, partly because in one question we were asked to spell out SCOUT with the phonetic alphabet and we only knew the C(Charlie) and we would have got 1 point every letter, so in that question we lost 4 possible marks.

It was time for the final results. The person running the quiz read out 6th, who wasn’t our group, 5th wasn’t either, 4th and 3rd weren’t. It was the final two, and the winner was…not our group. Afterwards we found out we lost by one point, and if we got that point it would have been a tie breaker. Our group enjoyed it so we didn’t care much about winning (much) and the quiz finished at around 9:00, where we packed up and went home.

Written by Dylan

Cromer camp

Scouts Blog : February 9, 2018 : Scouts

On the 2nd of February the scouts went on a camp in Cromer. There was a short train journey up and then a 1km walk to the mill (we stayed in a converted mill). On the train journey I sat next to Rafi and we ate some broad beans, surprisingly they were really nice, we also played some card games with my – almost complete – deck. When we arrived we had hot chocolate and brownies that Ellis’ mum made and then we set up our beds and went to sleep.
The next day we had breakfast that Liam and Eddie made (bacon rolls) it was nice. We split into groups and then hiked 10km to the coast, i was in team cheesecake with Liam, Thomas and Josh – josh likes cheesecake. We were super fast so we got there first, it was really cold but some people got chips and they were nice, then we ate our lunch. We spent a while walking along the coast and drawing in the sand, we also went to the RNLI museum and that was pretty cool. Then we had fish and chips and went back to the mill, the journey back was a lot shorter than before. Then, like on all camps, we finished the day with a campfire.
On the last day we stayed at the mill because it was really cold and rainy. We did this thing were four people lie down on each others knees on chairs and then take the chairs away, eventually we did it with 12 people. Andrew taught us some sign language (towards one of our badges) then some people made up games and ran activities, Chris’ one was my favourite, it was like bulldog but blindfolded and you have to scooch on the floor. We all left separately to go to the train station – team cheesecake left 15 minutes after everyone but we still got there on time. On the train journey home, me, Rafi, Eddie and Thomas played card games and bet with Rafi’s beans. then we all went home. The end.

Written by: David


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