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Offering over 200 different activities from abseiling and archery to drama, street sports and water zorbing, Scouting helps 6-25 year olds grow in confidence, achieve their full potential and become active members of their communities.



Expedition camp blog

Scouts Blog : June 16, 2019 : Scouts

On the weekend of 8 & 9 of June the 27th Scout troop went on an expedition camp to Danemead campsite near Broxbourne. In preparation each patrol were given a budget to buy their own food and arrange their own travel to the campsite. All patrols decided to take the train to Broxbourne station and walk the rest of the way.

When we arrived on site we first had to put up camp, for us that was the hammocks but other patrols had to set up tents.

Then it was time for dinner, but first we had to cook the food on the stoves, some of which did not work so some patrols had to cook on the open fire instead.

After dinner we all enjoyed the big camp fire with songs and games for entertainment.

After a good night s sleep it was time to make our breakfasts and lunch and then pack away the camp before the walk and train journey back to Cambridge.

Overall it was a very good camp and everyone had a great time.

Written by: Charlie

Change of plans

Scouts Blog : May 20, 2019 : Scouts

On Sunday 12th May the 27th Scouts met up at the train station  meaning to go to Ashwell&Morden  but annoyingly the trains were cancelled so the leaders had to look at the map and decide were to go. Once they had decided where to go we split into groups (we got to decide who we were with). When it was our turn we set off. We all took turns reading the map. We went through Grantchester then Barton then Coton. When we got to our lunch point we had a break and had lunch which was around 30 minutes then all of the groups set off again. We were last but that turned out to be a good thing because we had to go through a rifle range and they were shooting so the other groups had to go back but we didn’t so we were then in 1st place.  When we were outside the rifle range they weren’t shooting so we went round the long way for nothing. We went through fields and fields and fields then somehow we were in the city center. We were all really tired so we took a bus back to the train station.

Written by: Jacob

Annual MasterChef Evening

Scouts Blog : May 6, 2019 : Scouts

On Tuesday 30th April we had a MasterChef evening. Each patrol picked a celebrity and cooked food to do with their chosen celebrity. There were celebrities like Bear Grylls, Steve Jobs, Jamie Oliver, Beyoncé, Elon Musk and Gino D’Acampo.

The guests got to vote on the best savoury dish, the best sweet dish and the best table wow factor. The guests were made up of parents, scout leaders from other troops and some former scouts. We had two hours to prepare everything! Falcon patrol won best savoury dish with burritos, Mexican rice, salsa and guacamole. Cobra won the best sweet dish with tiramisu. Their table also won the best table wow factor. Other dishes included apple themed food on the  Steve Jobs table, halloumi fries on the Jamie Oliver table, tomato soup on the Elon Musk table, vegan cheesy garlic bread on the Gino D’Acampo table and buffalo worm brownies on the Bear Grylls table.

Whilst the guests went round trying food there was a slide show of pictures showing events from the last year of scouts.

We worked hard and it was a fun evening. The guests also enjoyed the delicious food.

Written by: Kirsten



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