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Survival Camp

Scouts Blog : April 30, 2018 : Scouts

On the 28th and 29th April the 27th Scout troop went on a survival camp. We slept under a tarpaulin in a forest; Eagle patrol slept in hammocks because they won the best patrol of last term and that was their prize. On Saturday we were doing a few activities to get our Survival Skills activity badge like tracking by making arrows and crosses, natural shelter building with sticks and knife safety and sharpening. Another activity we did was whittling cooking sticks so we could stab sausages and put them over a fire, and the next day we used them for camp bread.

To cook our sausages we had to light a fire but it was a bit rainy and pretty much everything was wet, so it was hard to get sticks that would catch alight quickly. Kestrel patrol (my patrol) didn’t collect enough sticks to start the fire off and we didn’t have enough tinder and kindling. The only patrol that got a fire was Wolf patrol so everybody had to cook on their fire. My dad wasn’t very impressed because only one patrol got a fire (my dad is the Scout leader). We also made chocolate orange butter bean bombs which are a hollowed out orange (with a little bit of juice left in it because that makes it a bit more orangey) and cocoa, butter bean, raisin and maple syrup mixture to put in the orange skin. Then you wrap it up in foil and chuck it on embers of a fire or charcoal that has been burnt. Then after 10 minutes, take it off and enjoy.

The sleeping was very nice. It was me and Kieran under one tarpaulin. It was warm but I had a jumper, t-shirt, shorts and that was it but I don’t feel the cold that much.

The next day we had a firelighting competition but it wasn’t to light fires, it was to send smoke signals up into the air so if you were stuck in a jungle and a helicopter came over you would send a massive smoke signal to show that you were there. So you build a good fire and put a platform over it and when you see a helicopter you put loads of kindling on and on the platform you chuck loads of stuff that you have that smokes, for example wet leaves. The winners were Wolf patrol proving themselves to be expert fire lighters, and their PL wasn’t even there! Well done Wolf patrol. Then we played a wide game and went home on the train.

This was my first camp as a Scout. I thought it was really good but very challenging.

Written by: Owen

Cooking camp bread

St. George’s Day event

Scouts Blog : April 30, 2018 : Scouts

The Saint George’s day activity day was a fun event from 1:30-6:00 on Saturday the 21st of April 2018.It was at Abington.
First of all, we were split up into three groups, and each group did the activities in a different order.
The first activity I did was fire-lighting in teams of 5-6, but with two differences. First of all, two people weren’t allowed to talk, two weren’t allowed to use one hand (they could choose which) and one wasn’t allowed to use either hand (if there was a 6th person they were allowed to do what they liked). The second thing was that you were given a fire pit, but you had to ‘buy’ anything else (e.g. matches, flint and steel).you bought things by completing tasks.
The second activity I did was pioneering. We made structures to carry washing-up bowls, filled the bowls up with water and did an obstacle course. It was very fun and we got very wet.
The third activity I did was first aid course. I learnt how to do CPR, use a defibrillator and more!
The final thing was the campfire, which was very crowded but enjoyable, and sang lots of campfire songs.

Written by: George

Fake wounds

PL & APL Camp March 2018

Scouts Blog : April 18, 2018 : Scouts

During our stay at Wicken Fen on the 24th of March, we stayed at a wild campsite. Most people cycled but I took a car because I don’t have a bike; but to make up for it my dad and I took all the big rucksacks. Because we arrived before everyone else, we had a bit of time to find the campsite which was at the other end of the field! Some people who had cycled had punctures so my dad had to come and rescue them. Then we started to unload all the bags and items and took them to the campsite. When everyone else arrived, we picked up the last few bits and bobs, they were really heavy. After everyone had settled in, we started to do the tasks that were specifically set by Andrew, these were all challenges we weren’t good at. My favourite was Kathy’s vegan brownie which was gobbled up almost instantly, leaving people wanting more, sadly she wasn’t there to see the amazing result. The most fun activity which was run by Chiara was the navigation one where we had to make up directions to the end where you would find a tennis ball. Both teams didn’t make it to the exact place of the ball. The other team ended up going the wrong direction at the end, it was funny to watch. The task that we learnt the most on was Liam’s phonetic alphabet because most people didn’t know what it was; it was also why his old patrol lost the district quiz! Rafi and his team did a great job of dinner, the casserole was delicious. David did Morse code, giving lots of good ways to remember the letters. Everyone did a great job teaching their task to the PLs and APLs. Overall I think PL and APL camp was a great, fun and successful time thanks to the leaders.
Written by: Eddie

The vegan brownie


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